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There are few sights more heartwarming than a Jewish man and woman standing together under their chupah, ready to embark on the sacred journey of marriage. Simcha Link, a project of the Chicago Chesed Fund, was introduced to help Orthodox Jewish singles meet their bashert. We believe nothing can replace working closely with a caring and discreet shadchan who has your best interests at heart.
Helping single men and women find their soulmate has been Simcha Link’s mission ever since its inception in _____. Our full staff of dedicated shadchanim take pride in making themselves available to meet with single men and women throughout the day. “We strongly recommend singles come meet our staff of shadchanim in person,” says Freyda Leah Falik, a shadchan at Simcha Link with _____ years of experience. “It allows us to gain a strong understanding of what they are looking for and it makes other matchmakers feel more comfortable knowing we spoke to the boy or girl directly.”
Simcha Link does more than “set people up.” With several experienced shadchanim and dating coaches on-staff, each with a different strength, we are able to address a wide range of dating topics:
“My daughter is starting the ‘parsha’. What’s the first thing we should do?”
“My son is getting cold feet. Can you help him make the jump?”
“I am not sure how to write a shidduch resume. Can you help me structure it?”
These are just a few of the common shidduch-related questions Simcha Link receives daily. “We all work together,” says Falik. “We will often defer to another one of our staff members if we feel they possess a stronger grasp on the particular situation at hand. It’s not about who helps. It’s about how we can.”
A key element that drives Simcha Link’s effectiveness is our strong, like-minded relationship with shadchanim and organizations in many different states. Time and time again, we see that a shidduch can come from anywhere and anyone. Our presence around the country has allowed us to expand our reach and formulate more potential matches.
Tzodek Katz, one of our dedicated Lakewood representatives, works closely with us to ensure Simcha Link’s presence is felt by our northeastern neighbors. “Being an out-of-town entity presented a challenge,” says Katz. “Entering a new market with unfamiliar faces was not a simple task, but Simcha Link’s innovative approach, excellent communication skills and willingness to work with everyone, no matter the situation, has resonated with the community.”
Many shidduchim are put in harm’s way due to the high costs of dating. Whether it means new clothing, or traveling expenses in trying to overcome the “geographic crisis,” dating can present an overwhelming burden for both single men and women, and in some instances, cause a potential match to be rejected. Simcha Link provides assistance with all kinds of dating expenses, including airfare via our donated miles program, rental cars, makeup, etc.
We won’t let financial hardship get in the way of a shidduch. “Once we alleviate the financial burden, they can direct their attention to the actual date,” asserts Falik. “They should be able to focus on preparing for the date and not if they can afford the trip.’”
“I’ll never forget one of our shadchanim running around at her own daughter’s wedding, just so she could meet boys from the chosson’s side,” Falik said, marveling at the recollection. “It was truly amazing to see. That’s the selfless dedication that drives Simcha Link, day in and day out.”