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Shelly Adler

Shelly Adler has been with Simcha Link since its inception. Her previous positions as a limudei kodesh teacher, in both elementary and high school levels, have prepared her to focus on the particular needs of each one coming to her for help with shidduchim. Shelly works with eagerness and devotion to be a good shaliach in the holy work of arranging shidduchim.  She is happy to work with singles of all ages and backgrounds.

A Word From Shelly:

“Simcha Link is on my mind day and night.  It is a great privilege and enormous responsibility to be involved in this most important part of the lives of my clients.  I daven daily for siyata d’shemaya.”

Freyda Falik

10 years ago, Freyda Falik made her first shidduch while she served as a devoted volunteer in the Chicago Chesed Fund’s food pantry. After receiving a phone call from Rabbi Fuerst asking her if she could join the Simcha Link team, Freyda knew right away she was destined to help others find their basherts. She has used her wisdom and discretion to successfully accomplish many difficult Shidduchim and has advised many couples (and their parents) beyond the wedding, helping them navigate the difficult stages of planning the wedding and Shana Rishona.

A Word From Frayda Leah:

“The close kesher we have with Rabbi Fuerst, who is passionate about the work of Simcha Link, motivates all of us. We feed off his energy to help others.”

Nina Siegal

Nina Siegal has been helping men and woman find their soulmates for over 20 years. A mother of eight beautiful children and experienced grandmother as well, Nina brought her knowledge and expertise to Simcha Link in 2009. She is well-known for her dating and relationship advice and her various work within the community helping Jewish singles all throughout Chicago.

A Word From Nina:

“What I like most is seeing the Hashgacha Pratis that’s involved in Shidduchim, helping singles achieve their goals, and working with Rabbi Fuerst , who’s incredibly devoted to the klal.’”

Estie Karman

Working as a kindergarten teacher in the local Bais Yaakov, Estie is devoted to helping the Chicago community. For over three years, Estie Karman has been a dedicated shadchan of Simcha Link. As a native Chicagoan herself, Estie loves working with Chicago girls. Estie networks with boys from all over, but specifically focuses on the Beth Medrash Govoha crowd in Lakewood, NJ.

Cell: 773.203.1718

A Word From ESTIE:
“My goal is to help as many people as I can and to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible.”

Tzodek Katz

One of Simcha Link’s dedicated East Coast shadchanim, Tzodek Katz, works closely with us to ensure Simcha Link’s presence is felt by our East Coast neighbors. His many years of matchmaking experience and helping many families and singles throughout the dating process is an invaluable service to the Chicago Jewish community.

A Word From Tzodek:

“Asserting themselves into a new market with unfamiliar faces was not a simple task, but Simcha Link’s innovative approach, excellent communication skills and willingness to work with everyone, no matter the situation, has resonated with the community.”

Sora Krupenia

A shidduch Sora Krupenia made over 20 years ago turned out to be a foreshadowing of her eight years of work with Simcha Link. Sora, a Chicago native and current Lakewood resident, is heavily involved in the shidduch scene and has played a vital role in Simcha Link’s efforts to expand outside of the windy city. She is well-known for her insightful dating advice, and for being a valuable resource for parents and other shadchanim inquiring about singles in the Lakewood and Chicago communities.

A Word From Sora:

“Being able to work with Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst and his relentless commitment to helping others, as if they were his own children, is worth all the time in the world. It is an honor to work with the Chicago Chesed Fund and Simcha Link.”

Rivkie Levitin

As a preschool teacher at JDBY and art teacher at Hanna Sachs High School, she has established a rapport with a lot of the mothers and students in Chicago. She and her husband are both columnists for the Yated Neeman newspaper, and have contacts with people in many cities. Rivkie uses her warm and sensitive approach to shidduchim. Her focus is on the “black hat Chareidi” hashkafa and long and short term learning, but works with other types as well.

A Word From Rivkie:

“I enjoy working with people and hope to ease the plight of so many singles who are struggling with the shidduch process. I daven each day for hatzlocha in this avodas hakodesh, as one can only redt shidduchim with mega doses of Siyata Dishmaya!”

Faith Shabat

45 years, over 40 shidduchim made, Faith Shabat has been instrumental in helping Chicago’s Jewish boys and girls find their bashert. Holding a master’s degree in special education, she has had a wonderful teaching career spanning 35 years and keeps close connections with students she taught 30 years ago, who still refer to her as “Morah Shabat.” Her time spent as an educator has given her the skills to help people achieve their own success dependent on their own personal strengths and challenges, and has made it her duty to assist singles find partners who will complement those attributes.

A Word From Faith:
“I simply love setting up others and live by the credo that the strengths that Hashem gives us must be used for the good. The selflessness of R’ Fuerst and his devotion to his community is unmatched.”