Who We Are

Recognizing a pressing need to assist members of the Chicago Orthodox Jewish community in the shidduch process, HaRav Shmuel Fuerst, Dayan Agudath Israel of Illinois, established Simcha Link in 1993 to help orthodox Jewish men and woman of all ages find their soulmates. Our full staff of dedicated shadchanim take pride in making themselves available to meet with single men and women throughout the day.

Our Mission

There are few sights more heartwarming than a Jewish man and woman standing together under their chupah, ready to embark on the sacred journey of marriage. Simcha Link, a project of the ChesedChicago, was introduced to help Orthodox Jewish singles meet their bashert. We believe nothing can replace working closely with a caring and discreet shadchan who has your best interests at heart.

A key element that drives Simcha Link’s effectiveness is our strong, like-minded relationship with shadchanim and organizations in many different states. Time and time again, we see that a shidduch can come from anywhere and anyone. Our presence around the country has allowed us to expand our reach and formulate more potential matches.

Our Services

Simcha Link does more than matchmaking. With experienced shadchanim and dating coaches on-staff, each with a different strength, we are able to address a wide range of dating topics:

“I am not sure how to write a shidduch resume. Can you help me structure it?”

“My son is getting cold feet. Can you help him make the jump?”

“My daughter is starting the ‘parsha’. What’s the first thing we should do?”

These are just a few of the common shidduch-related questions Simcha Link receives daily. We all work together and will often defer to another one of our staff members if we feel they possess a stronger grasp on the particular situation at hand. It’s not about who helps. It’s about how we can.

Many shidduchim are put in harm’s way due to the high costs of dating. Whether it means new clothing, or traveling expenses when trying to overcome the “geographic crisis,” dating can present an overwhelming burden for both single men and women, and in some instances, cause a potential match to be rejected. Simcha Link provides assistance with all kinds of dating expenses, including airfare via our donated miles program, rental cars, makeup, etc. Once we alleviate the financial burden, they can direct their attention to the actual date. We won’t let financial hardship get in the way of a shidduch.

Additional Services to Help Ease the Shidduch Process

Dress Coats

We have partnered with two coat stores in Lakewood to provide winter dress coats for native Chicagoans (young men and women) who are actively in shidduchim. If you can benefit from this service, please email office@simchalink.org to arrange for a coat. Once arrangements are made, you will be able to visit the stores we have partnered with, and choose a coat.

Transportation to Lakewood

Travelling to Lakewood for a date? We will cover the expense of the car service from EWR or PHL airports to Lakewood and back to the airport whenever necessary. Reservations must be made 24 hrs in advance. Email rabbifuerst@chesedchicago.org to reserve.

Discounted Car Rentals in Chicago

We have partnered with BH Car Rentals to provide discounted car rentals for shidduch purposes in Chicago. Cars are offered at $40/day for Simcha Link renters.

Pickup location in West Rogers Park.

Airport delivery available for a fee.

Local delivery available free of charge.

To receive the discounted rate, please make reservations through Simcha Link. Call/text 224-536-0461.

Dating Coaching

Simcha Link’s shadchanim are available and happy to provide coaching to Chicago singles or their parents. Please reach out directly to the shadchan of your choice.

Note: There is no fee to register with Simcha Link. However, in accordance with halacha, when a marriage results through Simcha Link’s efforts, shadchanus is expected. Please consult your local Orthodox Rabbi with any questions you may have.